FAQ from our clients

What industries does Oshadhi specialize in for recruitment services?

Answer: Oshadhi specializes in recruitment across various industries, including IT, manufacturing, finance, retail, logistics, and design.

How does Oshadhi find suitable candidates for job openings?

Answer: We employ a comprehensive search approach, leveraging our extensive network, market research, and talent mapping to identify and connect you with top-quality candidates.

Can Oshadhi assist with international recruitment?

Answer: Yes, Oshadhi has experience in expat hiring and can help you recruit executives from different countries for your global talent needs.

What is the process for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with Oshadhi?

Our RPO service involves taking on your recruitment functions, managing the entire process on your behalf, from sourcing to onboarding, to ensure you find the right talent efficiently.

How can Oshadhi's Talent Mapping service benefit my company?

Answer: Our Talent Mapping service provides valuable market intelligence research on top industry talents, competitor structures, and key executive profiles, helping you make informed hiring decisions.

Does Oshadhi offer payroll outsourcing services?

Answer: Yes, Oshadhi provides dedicated payroll outsourcing solutions to simplify your payroll management, saving you time and resources.

Can Oshadhi conduct industry-specific market research for my company?

Answer: Absolutely, we offer industry market research services tailored to your specific needs, delivering targeted industry insights and data.

What sets Oshadhi apart from other recruiting firms?

Answer: Oshadhi stands out due to its deep industry expertise, a wide network of professionals, and a commitment to long-term client relationships, ensuring we deliver exceptional recruitment solutions.